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Shivering from the evening breeze but cocooned in the warmth of the sunset, I chided myself for being so forgetful. It somehow eluded me that the sky, unobstructed, was supposed to be a kaleidoscope full of wonder ūüĆÖ.


When the night sky finally made an appearance, it shimmered magnificently, courtesy of the countless stars that greeted me like old friends I hadn‚Äôt seen since forever ūüĆĆ.


The soft chimes of the bells were delivered by the wind, they nuzzled my ears tenderly. It was so tranquil my own heartbeat sounded uproarious. .


I was suddenly homesick, though I didn’t even know what it was that I felt homesick for.


Loulé, Algarve, Portugal. 24 May 2019.

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