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Exclusif  Eco B&B
& House Rental


Born in France to Portuguese parents, we spent all our summer vacations in Portugal.

The idea of ​​coming to live there one day was always in the back of our minds.

Restore an old house and have land to grow old varieties of organic fruits and vegetables.

In short, a radical change of rhythm and setting by escaping the frenzy of life in Paris which no longer suited us.

At the end of a lost road in the heights of Loulé in the Algarve, the "love at first sight" was immediate for this beautiful old stone farmhouse where we quickly felt a very positive energy.

Isolated in the middle of a still preserved and wild nature, far from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The name Casa Brava (Wild House) was predestined!


As we got closer to nature and took the time to observe and understand the elements around us, we quickly realized that our project had to be global: a different approach to the way we feed ourselves, take care of our body, consume, travel and simply live.


Our Projects

Once settled in the Algarve we had to think about what we really wanted to do. Our "work" had to be in line with the values ​​that we gradually adopted.

Our first desire, from 2014, was to develop our own organic vegetable garden. Having healthy vegetables for our diet seemed fundamental to us, especially by adopting a 100% vegetable diet.

Julie having trained in Slow cosmetics, the choice to produce our own domestic products was a natural choice. Our range of cosmetics and accessories was born in 2015.

After having completed the renovation of our farm with healthy materials, and for the most part local, the idea of ​​receiving travelers there germinated. We happily welcome visitors from all over the world since 2017!

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Slow Cosmetic


By choosing a healthier and exclusively vegetable diet, we can ask ourselves: "Can we still "feed" our skin with complex industrial cosmetics?"


By learning in two European capitals, Paris and Brussels, cold saponification, a noble process already known in the 17th century, we work with high quality organic and natural Portuguese raw materials such as the renowned world Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


At the same time, we are developing a range of accessories for the bath, kitchen and more generally well-being.

Always in an ecological approach, recycle different species of wood and stones found locally to create useful objects in everyday life, with a simple and authentic design, reflecting a return to basics, to the essentials.

Each creation being unique, handmade and combining design and technique.


Exclusif Eco Bed & Breakfast


Surrounded by maquis, nestled in a hill in the heights of the picturesque town of Loulé, our property offers a setting conducive to rest and relaxation for travelers from all over the world.

Our 3 accommodations open for rent were created in a few years of renovation in the most ecological way possible and respecting the local style while adding our little Parisian touch.

Each dwelling has its own terrace as well as its private garden so that everyone can preserve their privacy and find the calm and silence they have come to seek.

Travelers have been visiting us since 2017, often sensitive to the environment around us, eager to catch their breath and reconnect with the essentials in the shade of olive trees, carob trees, cork oaks and strawberry trees.



Organic Permaculture


In communion with nature, the garden of the farm is also part of an approach favoring observation and enhancing the environment.

The organic vegetable garden developed in permaculture was the first part of our project to see the light of day in 2015.

The first year of production was very satisfactory, but in the face of the drought affecting the region and the level of weakening of natural sources, we have chosen to temporarily suspend this activity while recreating a more suitable and less water-intensive soil. .


We have since put in place a number of tools to recycle domestic water as much as possible and also make the most of rainwater in order to maintain a reasonably sized vegetable garden providing us with some vegetables.


Events & Privatization


Photo shoots, family reunions, organic wine tastings, exclusive yoga retreats, honeymoons, film shoots or commercials...

Our property is regularly privatized to host all types of events.

We are always available for any special request.

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We are all aware that our planet is at the crossroads of big decisions. She received us generously, offering us a set of riches that we use excessively.


We have all the information we need to understand the causes of the disruptions we experience and adapt our behavior! ​


So, if each of us contributes in our own way by consuming more consciously and ethically, humanity will rise to this new challenge!


Ecological awareness brings man closer to nature but, more than anything, it brings man closer to nature.

By adopting a "SLOW" lifestyle, healthy and eco-responsible, everyone can do their part of the work!



Our goal is to be a true vector of healthy living.


In a clear desire to go back to basics in total harmony with nature, we have developed a global concept inspired by ancestral traditions and betting on the excellence of the most authentic and healthy Portuguese products such as world-famous olive oil. .


We also invest in the dissemination of references to Portuguese culture with a soul and an identity that inspires us.

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