We are all aware that our planet is at the crossroads of big decisions.


She generously received us, offering us a set of wealth that we use excessively.


We have all the information we need to understand the causes of the malfunction we are experiencing and adapt our behavior!

So, if each of us contributes to his scale by consuming more consciously and ethically, humanity will rise to this new challenge!


Ecological consciousness brings humain closer to nature, but more than anything, he brings humans closer together.

By adopting a "SLOW" lifestyle, healthy and eco-responsible, everyone can do their part!


Our goal is to be a real vector of healthy living.


In a clear desire to return to the sources in total harmony with nature, we have developed a global concept inspired by ancestral traditions  and counting on the excellence of the most authentic and healthy Portuguese products such as a world-renowned olive oil.


We are also investing in spreading the references of Portuguese culture with a soul and an identity that inspires us.


Born in France of Portuguese parents, we spent our holidays in Portugal and had always dreamed of buying a small house in the Algarve.


We dreamed of restoring an old house and having a large plot to grow old varieties of organic fruits and vegetables.


In short, radically change our lives and escape the city life that didn't look like us anymore.


At the end of a lost road in the heights of Loulé, the "love at first sight" was immediate for this beautiful old stone farm where we quickly felt a very positive energy.


After a restoration with local and ecological materials, the name of Casa Brava was obvious.

The farm was, in fact, isolated in the middle of a wild nature, far from the bustle of the big cities.  The name of Casa Brava (Wild House) was predestined!


As we get closer to nature and take the time to observe and understand the elements around us, we quickly realize that the project must be a global project: a different approach to how we consume, travel and live simply.


Our projects

"Slow" Cosmetics

By choosing a healthier and exclusively vegetal diet, one may wonder: "Can we still" feed "our skin with complex industrial cosmetics?"


By learning in two European capitals, Paris and Brussels, the cold saponification, noble process already known in the seventeenth century,  we work with high-quality organic and natural Portuguese raw materials such as the world-renowned organic extra virgin olive oil.


In parallel, we want to develop a range of accessories for the bath, the kitchen and more generally the well-being.

Always in an ecological approach, to recycle different species of wood found locally to create useful objects in everyday life, with a simple and authentic design, reflecting a return to the sources, to the essential.


Each creation is unique, handmade and combining design and technique.

Eco Bed & Breakfast


f our brand is better known for our cosmetics, we also want to open the doors of our farm to welcome travelers from all over the world.

Travelers attentive to the environment and eager to catch their breath in the shade of olive and carob trees : reconnect with the essentials.

We are happy to see how our visitors, mainly urban, rediscover the pleasure of spending time simply with nature.

Organic Permaculture

In communion with nature, the garden of the farm is also part of an approach promoting observation, valuing the environment.

The irrational exploitation of planetary resources causes global warming.

Casa Brava is part of a process that promotes biodiversity.

With drought affecting the area and declining the level of natural sources, the farm is trying to recycle all of its water by making the most of rainwater and recycling domestic water.


Our farm offers a quiet space where everyone can find the solution to organize their event.


Thus will soon be proposed various activities such as workshops (macrame, yoga, vegan cuisine ...), organic and vegan dinners, ...


Watch our interview on Globo TV to learn more about our brand and philosophy!

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Julie & Marco, Creators of the CASA BRAVA project

They talk about our projects!