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Eco-Friendly & Vegan


Our artisanal soap factory is a natural alternative to the cosmetic industry, developing next to our organic garden a range of "real" natural soaps.

All exclusively handmade and in small series, to ensure optimal control, with high quality, local and organic products.


We are committed to developing natural and logical formula, respectful of our health, our skin and the environment in a global approach responsible for nature and living beings.


We limit over-packaging, only use local and organic products and we will never use palm oil and animal raw materials.

We always try to give our products a charming name that allows us to tell a different story: like Caminho Perdido (Lost Path), Remédio de Flores (Flower Remedy), Origem da Terra (Origin of the Earth) ...

Organic Ingredients Certified

All our soaps are made from organic raw materials certified by CERTIPLANET.

Certiplanet logo.jpg.hqx-1.jpeg

Cold Saponification Process ? 


The cold saponification process is ancestral, allows to work at low temperature, thus preserving intact all the essential properties of organic ingredients and of local quality (olive oil, herbs ...).


Taking care of the skin, being over-fat by adding olive oil after manufacturing, the soap is softer and less aggressive to the skin, so it's perfect to clean the whole body and the whole family.

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