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fair_bazaar@casabrava.algarve is one of our most sought after brands thanks to its nurturing #handmade and #ecologicalpersonal care products. Casa Brava has already garnered a dedicated following primarily thanks to its highly performing, soothing natural #soaps. The duo behind this stellar brand is committed to manufacturing excellent bath and hand soaps using ancestral #coldpresstechniques and the finest extra virgin #organic olive oil. This process helps ensure that all the terrific properties of the herbs are preserved so they can work wonders, nurturing the skin profoundly.⠀ ⠀ Casa Brava created a lush variety of soaps, each infused with different medicinal plants, herbs and spices, addressing a different body need. Our favourites are Magia Negra, made with pure, untreated charcoal and Euclyptus, for a fresh #detox; and Sonho Premonitorio, encompassing two different types of organic, homegrown lavender, for regeneration. ⠀ ⠀ We also love the fact that they are #veganand #crueltyfree, and made locally, in a beautiful little farm in the south of Portugal!⠀ ⠀ And yes #ethicalbabes, before you even ask, these delicious #handcrafted olive tree soap dishes are available in our shop too. Each piece is unique, so come find your favourite at our store located at @embaixadalx!

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Rua da Barbacã n. 18

8100-546 LOULÉ - ALGARVE

Closed - Reopening March 2021

(+351) 962 043 797

Eco B&B


8100-229 LOULÉ - ALGARVE

Closed - Reopening April 2021



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