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Post by fair_bazaar

fair_bazaarYum, yum, and more yumminess. See these deliciously looking #chocolate babies right here? As much as we want to take a bite as well, it's probably best not to, because these dreamy bars are not made of cacao, but rather healing herbs and magical plants! ⠀ These little guys are #soaps, luscious, #organic, #vegan and #fairtrade soaps crafted individually by hand, with love in the South of Portugal, by our friends over at @casabrava.algarve . Imagine a beautiful farm where herbs grow at their own pace, revelling in the Sun, where they're treated with nothing else but love and care, rich compost, respect, no nasty pesticides and chemicals. This helps them grow strong, and juicy, oozing with healing properties. Then, they're mixed with the finest #oliveoil, and turned into soothing, repairing or detoxing #soapbars that will turn your #showertime into a delight, we promise!⠀ Drop by our store at @embaixadalx, and we'll help you choose the right one to help you nurture your skin. Join the #organicbeauty revolution!⠀

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