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Atualizado: 26 de Dez de 2020

Here‚Äôs a little preview from my latest shoot for @aswearenow_. Super happy to spend a wonderful day shooting for this ethical and sustainable womenswear label at @casabrava.algarve together with a kickass team ūüôĆ. // My friends, as some of you keep asking for an update on what I do in life, I‚Äôll just share it here. Here we go...ūüĆě Firstly, I‚Äôm building from the ground up an online platform, a journal, and a conference on sustainability and social impact; then, I do strategy consulting and branding for sustainability driven projects; and lastly, I do photography and production. My days are packed and never boring. Yep, it gets really busy, there‚Äôs little sleep and lots of my weekends have been spent behind the computer or the camera ūü§Į. But the thing is, I love so much everything that I do!! I learn tons and meet brilliant people all the time. I‚Äôm very much grateful as I‚Äôm aware that not everyone has this privilege... As a note, if you‚Äôre a cool cat keen on teaming up to save the planet, or if you just want to talk about the melting ice caps over a beer, let‚Äôs do it! There‚Äôs so much work that we need to do for this beautiful planet ūüĆé‚ú®ūü¶•. (Ok, we can also talk about raccoons, koalas, and baby seals ūüėĆ ūü¶Ē). Much love amigos!

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Rua da Barbac√£ n. 18

8100-546 LOUL√Č - ALGARVE

Closed - Reopening March 2021

(+351) 962 043 797

Eco B&B


8100-229 LOUL√Č - ALGARVE

Closed - Reopening April 2021





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