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When I saw this old sewing machine table in this scenario I immediately thought about a funny old movie where the cowboy and the saloon girl would be the charismatic characters fighting to see who’s in charge in their romantic story 🎞💃

Little did I know I would be using it for a more serious post.

PHOTO 1: relationships have moments of standing face to face each other’s limits. The way we take it with respect and awareness of the other person’s freedom makes us the rational animals that we are.

PHOTO 2: is a metaphor to measuring strength. It’s in no way acceptable for this to be a physical action or an act or verbal violence ⛔️

Photo 3: kind of a joke here 😋 This is where we accept in our western movie that women are generally more emotional and men more rational - although in our case I believe it’s the opposite 😅

I am telling him that I was too emotional to see correctly and he’s admitting he was stuck to his thoughts and not listening to my feelings (oh my, I think this script should have been done the other way around! 🙈)

We can feel this happening in bigger situations or just small daily tasks but men and women are different and it’s ok to assume those differences before sorting things out. It’s by no means acceptable to feel stronger by pushing the other down.

PHOTO 3 & 4: it’s just a bonus of when Leo decided to show up in our western and got all the attention 😂


Unfortunately, and obviously related to the recent movement around femicide, for some women this is not just a movie or a joke.

The men supposed to love them and protect them end up disrespecting and abusing them, sometimes killing them, no matter if a husband, boyfriend, brother or father.


A man that beats up a woman is a coward, he’s not beating up someone of his own size but a weaker human that he should protect.

Personally I will never understand or accept cultures in which violence against women is a tradition or where men that kill women are released from jail for honor matters. There is no honor on killing a human that can’t defend herself.

These are my feelings, my point of view, my reality, my world 👩

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