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I'm really enjoying these vacations at this soft, calm and silent place.

I am gifted, everyday, with the sounds of the water running, birds singing, horses, and dogs barking farway.

Everything is so full of life and the perfume is of Nature.

The colors embrace me in a warm hug and the light radiates in all of my being.

The roads are slow.

And, at night, there is a speechless starry sky.

The energy is pure.

It washes my soul and recharges my body.

To live in total respect with Nature, where the food is only vegetable and organic, the resources are 100% sustainable, and where the pool is full of natural water, is an absolute life goal.

Pachamama/Mother Earth/Gaia/Terra sings the most sublime song when we fully understand its own rules and we live, the best we can, accordingly with them.

This is the highest form of perfection and True Wisdom.

All the rest are just accessories of the Ego, that most humans still insist to play with.

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