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Hope, Transparency & Lucidity

Hope, Transparency & Lucidity

Casa Brava is a small, human sized family business which combines a handmade soap factory and a real bed and breakfast where we welcome our guests in the heights of Loulé, Portugal.

Our investments are heavy. We pour all our hearts into it to give you quality products and a comfort where every details matter.

We welcome you, people of the world, with open arms.

You won’t find the « key » to your room under the doormat, there’s no such thing as a self check-in.

We receive you with our son in our arms and a friendly hug as our welcome.

There are sometimes late night arrivals where we stay up for a chunk of the night because we proudly care about this human connection that is so lacking to nowadays’ society.

We create strong bonds through countless conversations, a natural exchange is installed and we preciously keep in touch even across the borders, even through time. You are now part of our lives.

You are our influencers. Seeing your photos is our pride and joy because by doing this you show us how sincerely you love our philosophy and share our values.

This extremely tense situation is making all of us vulnerable.

But together, we will get through this.

We will come out of it wiser and galvanized because this slower era will allow us to realize what really matters and reflect on ourselves, on our day to day behaviors.

Our shop and B&B will stay closed until mid-April as to not contribute to the spreading of this virus.

We encourage the people who trusted us enough to book our rooms to postpone their stay without additional fee to later dates still available during summer and autumn.

Take care and stay home for everyone’s safety.

This post is for you. We invite you to leave a little 💚 in the comment section, a sweet word or an anecdote that comes to mind when you think of us.

Love always wins.

Julie, Marin & Marco





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